True 50mm... A photographic personal journey!

A body Canon 1 Ds Mark III, with canon lens 50mm... true fifty!
             It is the road we notice small details of a trajectory. When I saw that the only alternative to my work was no longer dedicate myself only to photojournalism, but also to the documentary work, they realized that they go together. So, I decided to bet on setups that could characterize the experiments. And why not bet the documentary photojournalism? Because otherwise the Brazilian traditional photojournalism no more than "filling" of newspapers ... but without attributes, only journalistic. And perhaps for reasons so print journalism is dying ... because of poor quality. Thus, I ask you to follow what I'm doing with the title of 50mm mm, such a "fifty" mm. And to leave no doubt about the true face of 50 mm, I note that I will make with full frame cameras profile because otherwise cutting or framing would not be true. Thanks, hugs and see you on the streets.